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The Havelock Motor Camp is owned by the Marlborough District Council and administered by the Havelock Community Association, an elected committee of five managed by Neville (Pick) and Pauline Pickering.
The Havelock Community Association distributes all profits from the Motor Camp back to various clubs and organisations etc. within the local district.
The Havelock Motor Camp is small, approximately 50 power sites, 40 tent sites, 5 basic cabins and is geared for families and tourists alike.
Pick and Pauline pride themselves on their personal service to everyone who visits. They are all welcomed warmly and told to make themselves at home.
There is a playground available, skateboard park, tennis courts and access to the local bowling green. With the camp being very easily accessible to the local marina, boredom is not a problem in Havelock.

Havelock Marlborough is located at the head of the Pelorus Sound and the gateway to the Nydia and Queen Charlotte tracks.

Things to do in the area:
Pelorus Mail Boat
Scenic Walks, Fishing Trips, Sea Kayaking
Hunting, Four Wheel Driving
Bookings for activities in the area can be done at the Information Centre in the Main Street.
Mail Boat bookings are welcome at our office.

24 Inglis Street Havelock
Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand
Phone : + (0)3 574 2339
Fax : + (0)3 574 2335

Please email us for bookings & enquiries
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We are pet friendly at the managers discretion.
We also support NZMCA members.

Camp facilities include:
Caravan, Campervan & Tent Sites
Basic Cabins, sleeps up to 4
Modern Kitchen & Laundry, TV & Microwave
Paraplegic toilet facilities
Dumpstation (free to campers, $5 for non-campers)

Adjacent to:
Tennis Courts, Children's Play Area, Skateboard Park, Marina, Village Green, Access to Swimming Pool, Outdoor Bowling Club


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